Why do people give gifts on festivals?

Festivals are occasions where people celebrate with family and friends. They would like to enjoy the festival mood by being happy.  They cherish the time spent with the family members. It would be a great occasion to have all people of the family together. There are different festivals which are being celebrated all over the world. Each religion has their own festivals which are considered as auspicious days. There are few specific days which are celebrated as a festival as they are considered to be special. Like for example the birthday of Jesus Christ is on 25th December  as it is celebrated as Christmas. People celebrate the festivals with lot of excitement and happiness. People give gifts as a token of thanks .There are many Christmas gift ideas Singapore has. As most of the people would like to give gifts to their friends and family members they would look out for different varieties of gifts. The gift which they give should be able to fit in the needs of all age group people. People also give gifts which are within a said price range. On the occasion of festivals people would have to give gifts to many people. Hence gifts are chosen according to how close they are with the individual and present them with gifts accordingly.

Like if they are very close or special family members then the gift would be expensive one. Or they may give the gift as per the need of the family member. And if they have to give gifts to their far off friends then they may opt to give small gifts just as a token of thank you. Sometimes it becomes a very difficult task to select the gifts. As people will have to keep in mind the price range and also select gift which is unique. Most of the people would prefer to give gifts which should be useful. Just giving gift for the sake of giving would not be a good idea. People would like to give something which can be used in the daily life. Same goes with the people who receive gifts. They look forward for gifts which is of some use. People would not like to have something just as a show piece. Also one important thing which people should check out while buying a gift is that it should be something which can be used by anyone .It should not be a gender specific .Especially when it comes to occasions like Christmas since the gifts has to be given to most of the family members who can. Be of any gender it should be a common gift.


People would like to exchange gifts on different occasions. They may give gifts as a vote of thanks. There are many options available from which people can choose to give the gift according to their budget.