What are the essentials to run your bar successfully?

If you wish to run a bar successfully, many aspects need to be considered. While taking care of the stock of drinks, serve wares, and glassware for your cocktail bar Singapore, you should also make sure the following equipment are in place.

  • Refrigeration system:

A good and spacious cooler is needed for a bar. There are many varieties available so choosing one is based on the size of your bar. A bar cooler with good storage should be in the main area so that the job of the bartenders is easier. They can have everything within their reach. If not, everything needs to be stored in a bigger cooler at the back and it necessitates frequent movement. Also, when everything is within your view you can guide the guests on the availability. How much you plan to stock also decides the type and size of your bar cooler. Also, cans may take some space, so decide accordingly.

  • Blenders for the bar:

You may require a commercial blender if you intend to make some cocktails. Invest as per your client’s tastes. If only a few will be asking for them, it may become an unnecessary expense. There are many types of blenders available like the table-top, wall-mounted type, or the simple hand-held ones. Pina coladas and margaritas need blenders to make.

  • Underbar sinks:

An underbar sink can be a valuable addition to your cocktail bar Singapore. It is very easy to clean the glasses especially when the crowd is large, instead of taking them inside the kitchen. But this depends on the space available at the bar counter. If you have no space constraints this can be a great addition to your bar. It should be spacious enough for the bartender to use it even in rush hours.

  • An ice machine:

An ice machine is vital for your bar. Everyone loves their drink chilled. You should invest in a good quality ice machine so that your ice needs are met. Depending on the number of guests you get you can invest in one or more ice machines. They should be placed near the bar counter so that customers can help themselves if needed.

  • Glass washing machines:

Washing by hand is laborious and at the same time glasses should be handled with care. In case your bar is a busy one, lined with customers all the time, you will not have time to clean them thoroughly. Glasses not only should be clean but they should also be sanitized. A glass washing machine does the job perfectly. More than 1000 glasses can be cleaned at a time which means you can keep serving the guests without break. Tabletop varieties are also available.