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This is why dogs attack you

Dogs are the most adored animals. They are called man’s friend for their loyalty and pouring of love on humans. However, there are days when the animal gets ferocious and attacks you. One’s pet dog usually attacks you out of fear. The consequences can be bleeding from the injured part. In a few cases, victims must spend money to get rid off the infections spread by the animal. You can hire an attorney to speak on behalf of you for the recovery of the spent amount due to the negligence of the pet owner. learn more here about services rendered by the best lawyers. Do you want to know why a man’s best friend attacks you? Read on to learn.

  • Fear
  • Protecting
  • Pain
  • Play

Fear: As discussed earlier, any living being be it a snake or a dog gets into defensive mode when it feels a threat from you. This can be observed when an individual tries to get into the personal space of the animal without consent. The attacks aren’t personal, they do it with an intention to protect themselves.

Protecting: Most dogs love their food and toys more than their owners at times. If you try to pick up their belongings or food bowl in their presence, you are bound to be bitten. Some people own a pet to love, while others to guard their houses. Guarding dogs are very protective and will attack anybody if they sense intrusion into the house.

Pain: Just like humans, dogs go through a rollercoaster of emotions after being injured. They get into a vulnerable stage after an accident which is why they experience anger, frustration and fear. This is why it is not a good decision to touch or help an injured dog on your own. Contact a vet to treat the health condition of the animal.

Play: Dogs are like infants who love playing with friends and family. They use their mouths to shower affection. This kind of biting is light and harmless. However, if blood starts flowing from your hands during the play session, it is necessary to visit a doctor asap.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that a dog attacks a person out of fear, pain, guarding instinct and playfulness.