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Discover the Beauty of traditional greek interior design

When most people think of Greek design, they envision brightly colored blue and white patterns or ornate gold detailing on furniture. But the Greek culture has produced many inspiring examples of traditional greek interior design that are more subtle, restrained, and elegant than their over-the-top counterparts. If you’re looking to add some subtle flair to your home’s interior design, incorporate these five elements of traditional Greek style into your decorating plan.

The Aegean Sea – a source of inspiration

The Aegean Sea is a source of inspiration for many renowned designers. From its exquisite turquoise water to its remarkable architecture, this body of water has something for everyone. The sea’s natural beauty is reflected in many traditional Greek interior design styles. Warm tones are often used in living rooms and bedrooms to create an inviting atmosphere. For example, yellows and oranges can help generate feelings of warmth and happiness, while browns can create more cozy spaces.

The Cycladic islands – a paradise for designers

The Cycladic Islands are one of the most popular destinations for designers, with their endless blue sea and deep white sand. It’s no wonder that this is where some of Greece’s best interior designers have made their mark. The Cycladic islands are home to timeless examples of traditional Greek architecture, which has left an indelible mark on its inhabitants. For example, many people on the island of Santorini still speak a dialect known as Ancient Greek. Despite this influence, it would be a mistake to think that modern design can’t find its place here.

The Peloponnese – a land of contrasts

The Peloponnese is a land of contrasts. From day to night, from sand to snow, from fertile valleys to barren mountain tops, this region offers something for everyone. One special part about Greece is that it feels like you are in a different country every time you turn around. The Peloponnese is no exception; it has so many diverse landscapes that make it an ideal place for traditional greek interior design. The climate also plays an important role in how people live: With two types of climates within the region, each with its microclimates, people live quite differently here. Inland areas are hot and dry during summer months and cold during wintertime because they lie at lower altitudes. Coastal areas have milder temperatures due to proximity to the sea and slightly higher altitude levels.