All you need to know about Forest Fruits KRATOmade of Blue Diamond Herbs

Kratom, with the binomial name “Mitragyna speciosa” is a tropical tree belonging to the coffee family. It is an evergreen tree occurring naturally in Southeast Asia. Kratom has been used in herbal medicine from the nineteenth century. It has properties that can be used for pain relief and many other medical issues. Kratom increases alertness, changes the mood, and increases physical energy on consumption as per anecdotal reports. Blue Diamond Herbs, a US based company is known for its safe and premium herb products and one of their famous products is Forest Fruits KRATOMade.

Why Forest Fruits KRATOmade?

Blue Diamond Herbs has made the ingestion of Kratom more convenient. The company provides stick packs instead of capsules. Forest Fruits KRATOmade stick pack simply needs to be poured into a water bottle of 500ml. The stick pack can also be put into juice, whether cold or warm. Customers enjoy Forest Fruits KRATOmade without worrying about experiencing any horrible taste. The main ingredients in the product are citric acid, maltodextrin, sucralose, kratom extract, bulking agent, and L-ascorbic acid. The other products by Blue Diamond Herbs are Godfather Enhances Blend, Red Borneo Enhanced Blend, Super Maeng Da Enhanced Blend, CBD gummy bears, CBD gummy Worms, CBD Hemp Oil, CBD Oil for large breed dogs, CBD Oil for cats and small dogs, Green Label Capsules, and beyond.

The kratom products offered by the company is Acai Berry KRATOMade, Acerola KRATOMade, Berry Blend KRATOMade, Blueberry KRATOMade, Cherry Pomegranate KRATOMade, Dragon Fruit KRATOMade, Forest Fruits KRATOMade, Grapefruit Tonic KRATOMade, Guava KRATOMade, Ice Tea Lemon KRATOMade, and many more flavours. The serving options provided by them are very convenient. They offer Forest Fruits KRATOMade in a single stick pack which can be used for 2 servings ($ 11.99 each), in a pack of six which can be used for 12 servings ($10.99 each), in a pack of 12 which can be used for 24 servings ($9.99 each), and in a pack of 24 which can be used for 48 servings ($8.99 each). The company does not sell Forest Fruits KRATOMade with any claim related to medicine. The company restricts the sale to people below 18.