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What are the benefits of purchasing a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy?

When your car is damaged in an accident or a natural disaster, comprehensive car insurance coverage, often known as motor package insurance, saves you money. It also protects your car against theft and vandalism. In the event of an accident, you may injure people or cause property damage. A car insurance policy also covers third-party liabilities. If you own a car in India, you must have third-party insurance.

To stay on the right side of the law and be insured against automobile damage, it’s critical to acquire and renew your coverage on time. moneyexpert  dependable vehicle insurance coverage protects you against all of these hazards for a low rate so that you may drive without concern. Third-party only and own-damage only vehicle insurance policies are also accessible, in addition to comprehensive car insurance. You can select the policy type that best suits your needs.

Here are advantages that are difficult to ignore.

Car insurance for third parties is required: According to moneyexpert all cars operating on Indian roads must be insured. You must obtain third-party liability coverage as a car owner.

Provides coverage for the owner-driver in the event of a personal accident: Our car insurance policy covers injuries to the registered owner-driver, whether travelling in the car or getting in or out of it, for a total of Rs. 15 lakh.

Allows for quick access to cashless garages: We have a network of 4600 cashless garages that will look after your car once it has been damaged. According to the claim, we pay for the repairs and pay the garage immediately.

cheap car insurance

Covers vehicle damage: Our car insurance coverage covers any damage to your vehicle caused by accidents or natural disasters, as well as the price of repairs.

It protects your cars from being stolen: If your car is stolen and not found, we will compensate you for your loss.


Our private car insurance coverage has several significant characteristics, including low rates, simple renewals, and speedy claim resolution. We also have a network of accredited workshops that offer digital surveys, pick-up and drop-off, sanitization of high-touch spots on your vehicle, a dedicated customer service manager, and product testing on repairs.