Smart Tips For Buying a Used Car

Ways to Make Your Used Car Look New

If you’re like most people, your car is full of life’s little crumbs, dents and other unsightly blemishes. And while the average person may be lucky if they can make a dent in those unsightly dents themselves, plenty of environmentally conscious folks will do it for them. But before you buy a new car to make your old one look new, you can also try many tricks at home.

used cars in hermiston are an incredibly affordable to get behind the wheel and save on fuel costs. According to, a 10-15 percent savings can be achieved by driving an efficient vehicle. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to save money or want a decent-looking used car. If you buy a car in good condition and take good care of it, you may not need new paint or other cosmetic fixes.

While there are many ways to give your used car a clean new look, there are several simple and cost-effective tips that can help:

Wash Your Car Regularly – A clean surface will show more dents than one covered with grime. Ask the dealership if they can clean your car before purchasing. If not, you can wipe down the exterior of your car with a solution made of half water and half soap.

Best Used Car Buying Secrets

Wash Out Fuel – Most auto shops will charge you extra to wash out fuel from your car’s tank. However, if you’ve got an environmentally-conscious spirit and want to save money on gas, scare up some old rags and do it yourself for about an hour every few months. Then wipe down the interior, especially around the dashboard and steering wheel.

Use Only Natural Detergents – While products such as Residue and Meguiar’s have been shown to work well on synthetic materials, their chemicals can ruin the value of your car over time. Instead, use natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda made for cleaning glass and other surfaces.

Always Use Car Wax – Apply a natural car wax that won’t streak or chip over time. To help prevent it from staining, apply it with a soft cloth after wiping down the car’s exterior to remove any dust or rain that may have accumulated. Do not use oil-based waxes or powders containing polymers to help preserve your car’s paint.