How to know the MPG of the vehicle?

If you are buying a used car in Sevierville then you should check about the fuel efficiency or MPG of the vehicle. In the case of new cars, it is compulsory to publish details of the miles per gallon on the car labels since 1977. Now vehicles also include information such as ratings for highway, city, and combination of MPG values. But if you are buying a used car you will have to get it inspected by a trusted dealer or garage owner that can tell you about the MPG details.

Usually, the gas mileage would be better in the case of highway driving as compared to the city driving where you start and stop frequently. With the combined rating of MPG, it shows 55% of the driving in the city and 45% on the highway. This makes it easy and quick to compare the gas vehicle’s fuel efficiency that is quite helpful in the purchase of a car.

If you do not have the help of any dealer or garage person and want to measure the real MPG of the vehicle on your own, then also it is quite an easy process.

How to check the MPG of the used cars in Sevierville: 

  1. Make sure that your car tank is topped off. Fill it with fuel and then you can check the existing mileage from the odometer reading. You can also set the trip meter of your odometer.
  2. Run it out and then the numbers should be recorded again. After you have used up all the fuel and have to fill up the tank again then you should record the odometer reading now and also the number of gallons that were needed to refuel.
  3. Subtract the higher number of reading with the lower one. This step can be skipped if you made use of the trip meter. If not then you should subtract to know the miles that you traveled when the tank was full.
  4. Now you need to divide. Use the number that you get by subtraction and divide it with the number of gallons that were required to fill the tank. That number will be the MPG for the driving period.