Used-Car-Inspection Checklist

Used-Car-Inspection Checklist

While buying a used cars in tucson can be quite profitable as far as price is concerned, it can lead to a big issue if the car is not purchased by proper inspection. Many a times the car might have been repaired temporarily for resale and might have internal faulty parts and issues. Also if the seller is not providing any sort of warranties or insurance then the vehicle might get damaged after few weeks of use and then give you heavy maintenance cost which might be even higher than buying a new car. 

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Things to check before buying a used car in tucson —

There are a lot of things that you must consider before buying a used car and doing a personal check of the vehicle with your trusted garage mechanic is very much important. During a test drive or check of vehicle you must consider following things —

  1. Damage— check the body of the car for damage. This includes doors, handles, mirrors, as well as paint of the vehicle.
  2. Mileage— if the car is properly maintained then it must go up to 200000 miles per year. If the cart gives a mileage less than 14000 In a year then it is a bad signal. Low mileage may mean that it would be a queen of garage or the car in the station which are driven very rarely. And it is not good. The engine is affected by carbon and sludge. The odometer have rolled one more time then the seller would let on. Check on pedals and the driver seat which is reflecting the mileage in the odometer. The cover of worn brake pedal will give very aggressive city miles. When the brake pedal is brand new then it will mostly mean that the seller has replaced the brake pedal for covering the older one.
  3. Wheels and tires – I have been the independent mechanic of foreign car and independently have inspected the used Porsche car for the Customer who is out of town. When I walked around the vehicle than I got to know that the three wheels are bedbug special design.