What to look for when buying a transformer?

Learn what transformers are and how they are tested

Currently, there is a transformer that can perform the sole task of a particular application, raising or lowering the voltage level in a safer way according to the requirement. The device basically has no moving parts and is easy to use due to its convenient design. In today’s modern world, you can easily find your presence in almost all types of electrical applications in all industries, increasing market demand. Of all the types available, choosing the right model, design, and size is a chore, but if you know what type of voltage your application requires, you can make a smart choice at Blackhawk Supply.

Although, before buying a transformer; They need to pass several tests to ensure safe and smooth operation. These tests are mainly performed by Blackhawk Suppply transformer manufacturers before delivering the product to customers, so they will receive a safe, error-free product that will cost money.

What to look for when buying a transformer?

For more information on the main tests, see below.

  • Open Circuit Test – This type of test is primarily performed to determine any iron loss and the absence of problems with device charging. It is very important to verify it, since its carelessness can cause great losses in the near future.
  • Short Circuit Test: It is mainly used to determine losses in copper, which is important to determine in the first stage, to avoid the appearance of serious problems in the future.

Both tests are done using some simple methods, although only professionals can do it, as a wrong connection or test can lead to a fatal turn in the future. To avoid this risk, always purchase this static device from a reputable company that will offer you a device after performing all necessary tests to ensure the safety of the product, the installation, and the personnel who work on it.