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Johaar is an interesting script director Teja Marni has succeeded in setting the frame of mind much closer to reality. 


Johaar, a significant drama of four different stories begins with a breaking news by media reporter that Chief Minister, Sri Achutha Ramayya has taken his last breath and beloved people convey their condolence and talking about the significance in managing public affairs. as well as abandon his political administration to others.

Finally Vijay Varma (Chaitanya Krishna) son of Achutha Ramayya took over the administration. By hailing his father he vowed to put up the biggest statue in the world to honour the respect and greatness towards which his father had to last forever.

By the decision of greedy politics how lives of this poor young athlete (Naina Ganguly), a farmer (Eeswari Rao), a young girl (Esther) and an old man (Subhalekha Sudhakar) who runs an orphanage, were accomplished their needs with self-obsessed bearings.

Artistes’ Performances:

Subhalekha Sudhakar vintage actor has nailed his role with his sensible staging.

Chaitanya Krishna as Vijay Varma son of CM Sri Achutha Ramayya has lived the role with his brilliant performance.

Eeswari Rao, mother of Chinni marked her role to the core.

Naina Ganguly affixed as an athlete delivered her part very naturally.

Ankith Koyya and Esther thought the debutant actor to have played the lead roles with their prominent bit parts in this movie.


Genre: Drama

Duration : 122mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online: Aha OTT

Production values: Elevated

Background music: Extra ordinary

Cinematography: Great


Teja Marni director merged the four stories brilliantly to a contemporary political situation and categorized very detaily.

Elevated with outstanding screenplay and true essence of dialogues.

Priyadarshan Balasubramanian has added a classic bunch, with ultimate background music

Cherishing lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad is very refreshing and feels good to hear.

Framework with simple music brightens the visuals.

Encouraging the fresh and new talents is the main highlight to the movie.

With honest attempts the director has shown present political administration and focused on a few issues 

Cast and crew 

Director : Teja Marni

Writer : Ram Vamsi Krishna

Actors and actresses :  Ankith Koyya, Naina Ganguly, Esther, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Easwari Rao, Chaitanya Krishna.

Produced by Bhanu Sandeep Marni

Music by Priyadarshan Balasubramanian

Cinematography by Jagadeesh Cheekati

Release date– 15th August 2020 


Cinematography by Jagadeesh Cheekati has done its best with very rich visuals. Even though the story is foreseeable the director will make you glued to the screen with the emotions of the characters filled with melted background music and lyrics. The performance of every character is moral to present generations. 


Don’t miss watching Johaar, an interesting concept of unpredictable political decisions by which the poor get affected. 

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