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How Can You Make Use Of Smart Energy Connect?

Smart Energy Connect is a one-stop-shop for the Energy Management Solution. In other words, it is the online energy application store under a canvas of CLP Holdings which is amongst the largest power companies owned by the investors in the Asia Pacific Region. They connect the end consumers, firms, and uses to the range of energy control solutions. With a Smart Energy Connect, one may explore a solution that suits the needs, and the team of experts will assist you to achieve the sustainability goals.

What is the mission

At CLP, they care about the customers and community that we all live in. Against energy challenge i.e., faced via the Asia Pacific region along with the world alike, they seek to empower the customers in attaining sustainability objectives and combatting the change in the climate.

What does Smart Energy Connect Do?

  • The management through the innovation

Change in the climate is not really a new global issue, however, we may tackle it via innovative solutions. Smart Energy utilizes the latest technologies in order to meet the needs of the customer. Here, you may find all types of sustainability choices from a solar power generation to smart lighting, helping you attain your sustainability objectives. 

  • Save money, energy, and time

If you’re looking to minimize power bills or acquire better visibility of energy consumption, it is the ideal shop for digital power innovation to create more sustainable hereafter and beyond. 

carbon credits hong kong

The carbon credit

The carbon credits hong kong goes on to represent a metric ton of carbon emission i.e., avoided by completing an activity in a little carbon-intensive way. CLP Carbon Credit is generated via renewable sources (such as solar or wind) instead of fossil fuel (like gas or coal) and may be utilized to offset carbon emission generated via governments, individuals, or organizations.

How does this work?

When you purchase the carbon credit by CLP, the amount goes straight back to a project firm that holds the solar farm or wind. The money then assists to fund a development and the operations of solar farms or wind.

These operations may include donations and investment in a local community. The taxes paid to national and local governments Wages for the employees, who’re also a part of local community Ongoing control and repairs of solar panels, wind turbines, and the associated infrastructure.

The features

  • The carbon offset calculator
  • Meets the sustainability target
  • Several years of handy experience

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide will help you all know a little or minor details that would help you minimize your power bills. Also, you will now know a thing or two about Smart Energy Connect and Carbon Credit.