Why Holistapet Pet Supplements Give Your Pet a Big Advantage

Pets are just as susceptible to illness and disease as humans are. But they can’t take their own medicine, so you have to do it for them. Now consider this: It’s estimated that up to 80% of illnesses in pets originate from chronic malnutrition, inadequate hygiene, and environmental toxins.


When the immune system doesn’t function properly, your pet is more susceptible to the common intestinal and respiratory infections endemic in our society. 


HolistaPet is a premier manufacturer of Holistic supplements for animals, in business since 2003. Their products provide health and wellness benefits for your pet that go beyond conventional veterinary care by incorporating the most advanced research findings and holistic principles into daily supplement formulas. There is a perfect chance that your pet may already be deficient in one or more essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Because they are living organisms, they require nutrients and enzymes like humans. HolistaPet products have been scientifically tested and have been proven to balance the immune system and improve the overall health conditions of dogs and cats.


HolistaPet is the pioneer of Bio-Active dried food supplement production in North America. HolistaPet developed a proprietary process called “HydroDry™,” which utilizes dehydration with 80%+ retention of bioactive nutrients plus enzymes. 


Multivitamin pet treats are designed to help ailing pets achieve better health without needing costly veterinary treatment. The supplements also help to prevent chronic illness and keep your pet healthy for many years. The best news is the supplements are completely safe for your pet. They are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, so the chances of side effects are slim.


Holistapet pet supplements

As a consumer, you can have peace of mind knowing that when you purchase a HolistaPet product, you’re getting value for money. And if you feel that your pet’s health is not getting better as quickly as it should be, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee!


It’s easy to use these all-natural supplements to give your pet an advantage over illness and disease.


The following HolistaPet products contain vitamins and minerals:


They also provide dogs and cats with enzymes such as:


HolistaPet has developed a four-stage system to help pets achieve long-term health:


The company was started by four accredited animal nutritionists who have helped hundreds of pet owners improve their pets’ health through natural holistic supplements.  


HolistaPet is based in Coleman, Missouri (just south of Springfield) and has received numerous awards for its quality and innovation. They use a proprietary hydro-drying process that retains 80%-plus of critical nutrients in the finished product. As well they incorporate scientifically advanced enzymes.